Our Ocean Recovery

Greentings Everyone!

Many of you have seen and maybe even experienced firsthand the changes that have come about in our oceans; fellow species that live in them during the past 5 months of slower economic output. The Oceans are returning to their past glory! Crabs are coming out of their hiding places; Dolphins are more inquisitive than ever, and we have even seen whales off the coast of Sicily. These fantastic changes in the marine population bring hope that with positive change, we can still make an impact in turning the tide around on marine devastation.


Next steps?

As many of our Political elite press our countries back to “normal”, many voices of concern have already been heard. “Normal”? Why not move forward towards a “New Normal”? A normal where humans and our fellow species can co-exist on this vast earth that we call home. Now is the time to rally together and demand that we do not simply return to past transgressions but move forward as one with those who do not have a voice in mind. Now that we have seen what 5 months of slower economic output can bring back to life, we should strive to not only turn the tap back on our economies, but make sure that our economies work towards the benefit of creating a normal where species small and large are able to survive and hopefully strive. This pandemic may have had devastating effects on our human population, but maybe it was the wake-up call that we needed as to realize that the way forward will require our undivided attention if we want to nurture a sustainable and healthy planet for future generations to come. After all, diversity is the foundation of mankind, lets make sure we protect the diversity of all species while we are at it! The Era is upon us! Next steps to come…

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